Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

Unlock Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle, a new free puzzle game to engage your IQ and test your quiz-solving skills! Be a master of removing all wood nuts & bolts tangles and don't forget to enjoy the mind-bending journey. ***Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle Key Features***💡 Creative Gameplay: Master the art of strategically rotating wooden bolts to fit them into place.🆙 Multiple Difficulty Levels: Embark on a journey through 100+ levels, from beginner to advanced. Each level introduces fresh hurdles and brain-teasing wood-based puzzles to keep your mind sharp.🔍 Hint System: Receive valuable advice to conquer tricky wood puzzles through a limited hint system.🧠 Multiple Solutions: Explore numerous strategies to enhance your problem-solving skills and discover efficient wood-based solutions.🔩 10+ skins to customize wood nuts and bolts.🏆 Compete globally, ascend the leaderboard, and earn achievements to showcase your wood puzzle-solving prowess.Your objective in Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle is to dismantle the wooden plates from the puzzle board by deciphering the correct unlocking sequence:1. Examine the wooden nuts and bolts that require precise twisting.2. Rearrange the nuts and bolts into the correct positions to eliminate all wooden plates.3. Experiment with methods to efficiently manipulate and align the bolts. Discover the optimal solution.4. Successfully complete each puzzle to unlock new difficulty levels.Get ready to challenge your brain with the engaging Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle game. Download it now and prepare for an immersive wood puzzle experience!




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OS : android

Version : 2.6

Size : 82.6 MB

Updated : December 15, 2023

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