Oceanhorn ™

Oceanhorn is a role-playing adventure game in which players will take over their father's responsibilities as a fearless teenager, using the survival skills taught by his father to follow his father's trail using boats, hiking, and other means of adventure.An unnamed protagonist searching for his lost father, to explore this island full of danger, where there are puzzles and challenges, and terrible monsters, but you must grow in solving the mysteries surrounding Oceanhorn, and finally will be with the arch-enemy - the long-ruling nameless sea monsters to destroy.Oceanhor's gameplay and graphic design borrowed from the Legend of Zelda series of games, using a variety of weapons to fight monsters, as a game released at the same time the mobile version of the game, the graphics are not very stunning, but still a good game, the picture is fresh and cartoonish, puzzles and maze design, can make you a new look.




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OS : android ios

Version : 3.4/1.1.4

Size : 399.4 MB/8.3M

Updated : September 23, 2019/October 18, 2019

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