Toca Boca Jr

Want to be a chef in your own sushi restaurant? The popular Toca Kitchen is back! Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to play together, new guests to cook, more tools to play, and new dishes to test! Who says creative food has to be cute and delicious? With Toca Kitchen 2, you can cook whatever you want. Juice tomatoes, cook salads, make hamburgers. Come up with your own recipes and treat your guests with something special. Choose from six different kitchen tools that will confuse you and provide you with the perfect setup to prepare interesting dishes! Pack your favorite toppings, squeeze out the mess, and finish off with a little weirdness. Give your guests a bite! Is it a winner? See their reactions See their reactions and discover your guests' tastes. The fried leftovers and lettuce juices come out immediately on the grilled fish head! Oh, don't they like it? Try adding salt. Getting "ew" is fun! We've added a lot of fun stuff! You can now enjoy cooking: new food! -Chicken-Shrimp-Pineapple-Corn-Peach-Strawberry-Watermelon-Onion-Octopus-Pasta-Rice New seasoning! - Ketchup - Dressing - Watch the soy characters react to hot sauce and tart lemon, or laugh at the big hiccup. Last but not least, I added gloss to my character. enjoy your meal! Features: - New Fridge Ingredients - New Feeding Characters - Strong Character Reactions - New Juicer and Oven - Fryers! Now you can fry anything. on your shell. - No rules or pressure - no limits, just fun for the kids!




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OS : android ios

Version : 2.0/2.0

Size : 55.81 MB/55.81 MB

Updated : February 15, 2021/February 15, 2021

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