Stardew Valley

The game is a blend of farming, role-playing games and Sims, which instantly doesn't fully explain what this Stardew Valley game is really about, so why is Stardew Valley one of the favorite games of many players? Because it is a special game, so what makes this game so good? We need to understand from the core of the game, and the game where it all began, Stardew Valley story protagonist about a young boy does not want to go to work to be disciplined, so it went back to the countryside to start again to take care of the agricultural base, but here you have a lot of small partners, so you will not feel alone.When you first came to the town, everything is a mess, where the cars and buses are broken, and a bridge should be built, you have to start building up your relationships, understand their lives and experiences, and build up the town, start your life in a dilapidated house, you need to renovate while showing their design talent, you can turn it into a luxury town, you can build relationships and create wonderful things in the process, and as you upgrade your farming abilities, you can start collecting different resources, and then you can make these substances available to the community so that you can better complete the progress of repairs in the game and unlock new areas.So as you learn about this, do you also wonder why the town was a mess to begin with? Why did the town's infrastructure become so antiquated? What has the mayor done to this town? Then you need to enter this Stardew Valley game to find out.This game may be liked by many players because in Stardew Valley, it is set that you need to try to complete the game objectives in playing this game.




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Size : 366.9MB/79MB

Updated : October 26, 2020/October 26, 2020

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