Hexa Sort

Hexa Sort offers a delightful blend of puzzle challenges, strategic matching, and satisfying merging experience. Engage your mind with stimulating brain games that involve clever puzzle solving and logical maneuvers, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a mental workout. Hexa Sort introduces a unique twist to the classic sort puzzle concept, inviting players to explore the art of shuffling and organizing hexagon tile stacks. With the goal of achieving satisfying color matches, players can immerse themselves in the thrill of color switch and enjoy the calming effects of merging tiles. Each level presents challenges to meet collection goals, providing a perfect balance of excitement and stress relief for those who prefer relaxing games. The game's aesthetics boast a visually pleasing palette with gradients, creating a serene and zen environment for players to enjoy. Dive into the world of color games, color sorting, and free therapy through the game's minimalistic design. The inclusion of 3D graphics adds an extra layer of immersion, allowing players to view the board from various angles while engaging in the satisfying processes of stacking and merging tiles. Hexa Sort is not merely a game; it's a captivating brain teaser that demands smart thinking. As players progress through levels, they'll find the gameplay to be both addicting and calming, striking the perfect balance between challenge and relaxation. Put your skills to the test with tasks involving sorting, stacking, and merging hexa tiles, witnessing the rewarding results of your efforts. Unlock new levels to keep your mind sharp, reveling in the therapeutic experience of this captivating color puzzle game. The game caters to enthusiasts of color fill 3D and challenges based on hexagon structures. Invite friends to join the excitement, compete for high scores, and share the joy of engaging in fun puzzle games. FEATURES: - Easy-to-play & relaxing gameplay - Smooth 3D graphics - Vibrant Colors - Power-ups & Boosters - Satisfying ASMR sound effects Embark on a captivating journey of color matching, sorting, and merging with Hexa Sort. Whether you're a fan of block games, crave stress relief, or enjoy colorful brain teasers, this game promises a harmonious fusion of entertainment and mental stimulation. Sort, match, and merge your way to victory in this exciting and challenging puzzle adventure! From the Studio that brought you Wordle!, Match 3D, Happy Glass, Cake Sort Puzzle 3D and many, many more!




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OS : android ios

Version : 1.8.00/1.8.00

Size : 364.2 MB/364.2 MB

Updated : March 26, 2024/March 07, 2024

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