Bloons TD 6

Like tower defense games what do you think is the most important? Which strategic tower defense game is fun? Like this tower defense Bloons TD 6 is still familiar tower defense game? This game will not give you a new and different experience compared to the previous one. In this defense game requires you to have a certain strategy? Because in the critical moment to save your base, you need to match a reasonable number of combatants in a variety of defense towers, put down the right combat role can effectively turn the tide of battle, so that the game balloon delusion to occupy your territory, so you must fight in order to protect their territory from being invaded. In addition to making your own building from the balloon attack, you can also upgrade your buildings to create a prosperous cityDo you think that monkeys will only be a naughty image, but this time the monkeys are your corps, your combat troops, where there are all kinds of superb monkey troops waiting for you to deploy, it is a competition of combat strength and strategy, making this game fun and endless.The game is still the same as always with cartoon characters to show the role, but still has a stunning and dazzling battle scene screen effects, bring super rich challenge mode, in this monkey-related tower defense you can also challenge different levels of difficulty game mode.The game has a large number of monkey army waiting for you to understand, you only have to understand the combat properties of each of their characters clearly, you can better command them to combat, the way to defeat the enemy will first have to understand the way of combat, after all, know yourself and know your enemy, you can win a hundred battles.




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OS : android ios

Version : 21.1/21.1

Size : 528.6MB/70MB

Updated : October 19, 2020/October 20, 2020

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